Types of Finishes to Consider in Windows Replacement

Whether the existing windows leak or cause air drafts, there is just one solution- get them replaced as soon as possible. While there are temporary solutions as well, they might end up making the problems worse and more troublesome than before. So, the rule of thumb is to avoid spending money on short-term solutions and plan to invest a bit more and get rid of the issue for a long time period.

Though, homeowners should never forget to maintain balance between aesthetics and functionality because both are necessary and no property can survive without either of them. Other than that, finish is another important aspect asking for attention. For this, homeowners should check this link about replacement windows Oakville and get to know about the availability of different types of finishes in the market.

For Home’s Exterior

As a matter of fact, no property could look good until there are external trims installed along with new windows. These trims are responsible to give a tidy look and sealed edges, apart from bringing an element of aesthetic pleasure to the entire property. Along with windows replacement Oakville, owners are required to choose any of these three exterior finishes to give that final touch:

  1. Aluminum capping
  2. Vinyl brick mold
  3. Batten

Each finish is capable of providing the desired looks; the only difference lies in how they look and installed at the home’s exterior.

For Home’s Interior

During windows replacement Oakville, it’s not enough to focus on home’s exterior finishing. Interior requires equal amount of attention so that interior décor will be in harmony with the exterior looks. Practically, these finishes consist of certain types of jamb extensions, casings or mouldings and are trusted with the following aspects:

  • Casings: They have been a desirable choice for most of the homeowners. Since they are capable of working with a variety of trims such as baseboards, they are the perfect option to integrate with interior window mouldings. Casings can be narrow or wide depending upon what suits the interior décor well. The best of all, homeowners can go for vinyl casings because they do not usually ask for repainting over time nor do they experience degradation, like wooden casings.
  • Mouldings: When the exterior already has jamb extensions, then it’s necessary to add interior mouldings above the units so that the end result would be a finished look. Normally, mouldings are responsible to complete the timeless and elegant look so that they can enable window casings to work properly throughout their work life.
  • Jamb Extensions: During windows replacement Oakville, homeowners might come to know that their chosen units cannot get into the depth of the opening, thereby causing the exterior wall to ask for additional support. At this point, window experts suggest to get jamb extensions whose responsibility is to fill-in the gap between the interior wall’s beginning and end of the window unit.

Once homeowners follow these tips, they would be able to bring the best out of these replacement windows Oakville. Not only do they give the required finish touch but also ensure financial benefits in the long run.

Post Author: Cedric Walker