The concept of landscaping and decorative design has undergone a sea change in recent years. People now enjoy enhanced visibility and connectivity compared to recent years. There is a propensity to show off even minute details of people’s lives. This translates directly into greater efforts at keeping houses and surroundings in pristine condition always. One of the most popular embellishments you can give your house is a good lawn. The cost of installing and maintaining a lawn is a significant one. Thus any implement which allows us to save on keeping a lawn healthy is priceless, literally! One of the most effective methods at cutting costs is the Raven          MPV7100, a great hybrid lawn utility vehicle.

The makers of the Raven MPV7100 understand the importance of versatility in today’s cutthroat market, and this is reflected in the final end product. The product stays true to its primary function of being a lawnmower, but provides a plethora of useful features without compromising on its core functionality. This technological marvel comes jam-packed with myriad features that take it much beyond the restrictions of a mere lawn mower, and is well and truly a utility vehicle.

Some of the most prominent and useful features have been listed below.

  • Clean and green engine: – This machine has the future in mind, in every sense. Its hybrid engine runs on both gas and electricity. The electric motor gets charged when the engine runs on gas, helping conserve both to a great extent. The hybrid engine also ensures a drastic reduction in emissions. Longevity of both the lawn and the environment are guaranteed through the use of this device.
  • King size power bank: – The machine also has the capability to be used as a generator. It has multiple ports which allow you to connect up to 5 tools such as power drills and hedge trimmers for up to ten hours. This allows you to use these tools effectively in hard-to-reach places due to the absence of a power outlet. Since the electricity being used here is generated from the engine, you are effectively reducing both your carbon footprint and electricity bill. Do your part in sustaining development with minimal adverse impact on your surroundings.
  • Versatility: – The cutting deck can be removed and the machine can be used effectively as an all-terrain vehicle. With a few easy steps, the cutting deck comes off and the machine now gives a top speed of 17 mph, on par with generic ATVs. It also has the capability to tow over 550 pounds with relative ease.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: – The machine can be operated just like a normal car with floor pedals and gear shift. It also has an extremely small turning radius you to maneuver and mow efficiently in even confined spaces. The vehicle comes with sufficient ground clearance, enhancing both its mowing and ATV capabilities. It can be used with confidence over bumpy and uneven grounds with satisfactory results.

Post Author: Cedric Walker