What Should Be Your Course Of Action During A Sewage Backup Triggers

Sewer or septic backup in a building is really disgusting. Not only it is unsanitary but also poses a serious health hazard. To eliminate such issues, preventive measures need to be taken. Inspection, cleanup and other necessary sanitization tasks, help in returning the flood or sewage-contaminated building back to its unaffected state.

Reason for the occurrence of sewage backup

Being infested with microorganisms, sewage backup is unhygienic and can contaminate your house. It is thus very important to clean the sewage backup. To save from such dangerous possibilities, it is important to identify the reasons that lead to sewage backup and perform measures to clean the drain on a regular basis.

  • A clog in the pipelines
  • A municipal sewer line that was susceptible to backups
  • Absence of backwater prevention valve that safeguards your home
  • A cross-connection that poorly connects the washing machine to the drain pipe of the house without any air gap.

Consequences of sewage backup

Sewage containing contaminants has the potential to cause so much harm and illness to the premises. The agents that lead to disease including bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses can easily cause chronic illnesses such as Hepatitis A, bacterial infections, Leptospirosis, Tetanus, Cryptosporidium infection, Giardia, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Steps to perform when sewer system enters into a building

  • Testing and regular cleaning of sewage backups are required to treat and prevent future sewage backup issues.
  • A building that has been flooded by wastewater can have unsafe electrical wiring, mold hazards, faulty mechanical systems. So, it is better to wear all safety gears and carry necessary equipment before entering into the place.
  • Switch off electrical supply in the area that has been flooded with sewage water. This would prevent any contact with electrical wires, electrical appliances, extension cords, or fixtures with wet objects or standing water.
  • Go away from the sewage-contaminated areas. This can be dangerous especially for children and elders. This would also help in keeping away from the illnesses that might catch you.

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These helpful tips would put you in a better position to handle sewage backup issues. It will help you easily eliminate risky situations and safeguard your loves ones from any loss.

Post Author: Cedric Walker