When It’s Time to Call a Professional for Your Septic Tank

Part of the burden of ownership when you own a septic tank is the need for professionals – especially since proper maintenance is needed in order to ensure optimal operation of the system. It is recommended that you pump your septic tank every 24 to 36 months. If you allow the unit to operate without getting it regularly, it will be very expensive to fix the system when the time comes that you are forced to clean it out. How do you know when the septic tank has reached the point that it requires a professional to service it? Here are 3 signs that your septic system is in dire need of professional care

Foul Odor

If you notice a bad smell coming from the area in which the tank is located, or from your drain throughout the house, that means that somewhere in the system there is a drain that’s blocked. The blockage needs to be pumped out in order to be cleared. The smell is an indication that waste and discarded objects have gathered and solidified in order to form the blockage. While it may be possible for you to locate the blockage, only a professional can point the blockage out safely without damaging your system or worsening the situation. The best thing to do the moment you notice a foul smell is to call a septic tank professional and have the problem fixed immediately.

Pooling Water in the Yard

It is important that you check the hydrostatic pressure gauge regularly to keep an eye on the system’s levels. Otherwise, you run the risk of water backing up and spilling over into your green grass. But if you have not checked the gauge in a while and you start to notice that water has started accumulating in your yard, causing your land to be marshy, it may be too late to fix the problem easily.

Waste water being pumped through the septic system should never become visible in your yard around the drain field, and seeing it means there is a serious problem going on with your system. Even if you cannot physically see standing water, particularly green and lush grass is a sign that excessive moisture is being fed into the soil. Most likely, this moisture is water seeping from the septic take. This is an indication for you to schedule a septic tank professional to check out your system right away.

Slow Drains

If your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are draining excessively slower than usual, and you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drains, it is very likely that your septic tank is full. This is a situation that cannot be remedied by plungers or drain clogging products. A professional is needed in order to release the contents of the septic tank while ensuring that it continues to flow smoothly afterwards.

If you are currently experiencing any of these problems, not only are you making the problem worse by not addressing it, you are also endangering you and your family’s health- especially if your wastewater becomes backed up. The good news? The problem can be remedied.

Post Author: Cedric Walker