Why are French Doors Making Such a Big Comeback?

You’ve all seen them somewhere and they do indeed look classy and what are known as French doors are nowadays what many folks are having fitted into their homes to add a cool touch of style and great looks. (Not to mention elegance!)

These doors are made up of multiple small windows, (called panes or lights) set into the door’s length. They are also made with what are known as “mullions”, or decorative elements that are made to divide adjacent window panes.

  • It is due to these small panes, that they are commonly known as French windows.

If they are fitted inside someone’s home, a French door provides only a minimum amount of privacy due to the amount of glass, so naturally they are designed to provide a classy decorative look.

However, more and more people nowadays are seeking a French door installation in Scotland, as external doors, as an alternative way of letting more natural light into their homes.

Outside or Inside or Both!

  • Outside doors made in the French door style are slightly different from the traditional type of French doors because they are usually made nowadays of double-pane glass which provides increased insulation.
  • The doors will sometimes have a fancy grille placed between the panes, although there are also some with grilles superimposed over single glass panes.
  • Outside door design comes in a one-piece solid door or sliding doors, all depending on the taste of the homeowner’s wishes and how the door will be used.

What French Doors Can Do For Your Home

  • If you’re considering them as patio doors, they will definitely add a touch of elegance and help to draw attention to a beautifully looked after garden or also a wonderful landscaped lawn.
  • Inside of the home, they will provide rooms with a charming, yet sublime look and add a superb visual bridge between two adjacent areas.
  • There are homeowners who have made use of them, where they are fitted into place to act as an alternative to a wall.

A Lot More Cost Friendly Nowadays

  • Many moons ago, French doors were a lot more expensive than that of other kinds of doors, however, luckily those days are no longer with us and the prices are considerably much lower and is one of the reasons why they are now so popular in Scottish homes.
  • Because of their posh looks, they help to increase the looks of any home and also its value and this is why they are also viewed as a wise investment.
  • French doors beyond a doubt give any home a cool, grand and sophisticated appearance to any home they are blessed with.
  • Having them fitted with double glazing has the extra benefit of receiving lower heating charges.
  • And because they are made so strong, they provide an excellent deterrent against would be burglars.

Make your home more the kind of place that you want to be with wonderful French doors!

Post Author: Cedric Walker