Why spiders are attracted to your Home

Arachnophobia or the fear of spiders is perhaps the most prevalent type of creature-based phobias in the world today. People just fear spiders – it’s a no wonder the first reaction that someone has when they see a spider is to take a shoe or vacuum.

It’s true what they say – that spiders play a critical role in the ecosystem; well, they eat household pests that can transmit the disease to humans, including cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and so on. They also kill other spiders. But that doesn’t make them any appealing to humans, especially when they invade a home.

If you are having spider problems and are wondering what could be attracting them to your home, we have answers for you. Spiders have specific needs, and if your home takes care of this, then they will find a way of getting in and establishing themselves. For the most part, spiders are very private and will hide in the dark corners of the attic or basement. So, when you start spotting several of them out in the open, you could be dealing with an infestation and may need a Smithfield spider control service to get rid of them.

Here is why spiders are attracted to your home


As stated earlier, spiders eat household insects – like fruit flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and moths, so they will definitely crawl into your house if you have an invasion of these pests. The best way to ensure they don’t make entry into your home by getting rid of these food sources immediately.


Although some spider species get their hydration from food, others prefer to drink stagnant water from sources like bathtubs or sinks. To minimize the risk, ensure that all your taps are closed tightly and that you have no stagnant water in and out of your house.


Spiders move from one place to another in search of warmth –, especially in the colder months. If it’s cold outside, they will want to crawl into your house for the warmth.

Easy access

Spiders hide in sheltered spots like leaves, wood piles, garages and shed, and from there, they gain access to your house. That’s why you have to keep plantings, debris, and mulch away from the structure of your home. You should also store firewood outside to avoid transporting these creatures to the house.

What to do when you see a spider in your house

Your first instinct may be to grab a shoe and hit is as hard as possible. However, if you think about it, the smudge on the wall is not even worth it. It will only give you more work. So, it’s best to remove it from the house by picking it with a broom or vacuuming it. If the spider is bigger or seems dangerous, you may want to keep your distance and call a professional to help you remove it from your house. Some spider species like the Brown recluse or Black Widow are hazardous.

Post Author: Cedric Walker