Why You Need Roller Shutter Protection

If you live in Australia, you can choose from a number of interesting roller shutter designs. The protective window and storefront treatments are also used for securing large industrial and commercial buildings and separating large areas internally.

Domestic Roller Shutter Designs

Domestic roller shutter products are made for skylights, doors, and windows, including entrances with alcove designs. They are also designed with solar tubular motors that are entirely independent to the mains power supply. In addition, the shutters comply with the latest mandates established for buildings and structures that are located in designated bushfire areas.

Benefits for the Property Owner

Roller shutters offer a number of key advantages to the homeowner as they provide an affordable means of security and privacy. Property owners enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers and year-round protection against intruders and noise. The shutters are also designed to safeguard homes and buildings from UV rays, flying debris, wind damage, and ash in bushfire-prone locations.

Shutters for homes typically feature a strong aluminium construction that is injected with a high-density polyurethane core. This core, which is coated in a double-layered and abrasive-resistant enamel, supplies both sturdiness and superior insulation.

Solar Tubular Motors

As noted, security roller shutters in Melbourne also feature solar tubular motors that operate independently of the mains electrical power supply. This advanced and sophisticated unit channels the energy of the sun via solar cells that are fitted to the pelmet of the shutter, wall, fascia, or roof. The system charges the motor’s battery to continually power the security cover or door.

Shutters with solar tubular motors are ideal installations for rural areas where the building codes require that a roller shutter must operate separately of a mains power source when used as a means of protection against radiant heat or debris. These types of shutters are therefore designed and configured with longevity in mind.

The solar panels that are used for the shutters are of the highest quality and feature amorphous cells surrounded by stainless steel. These types of panels are highly efficient as they convert the sun’s energy without being directly exposed to the sun.

Extruded Roller Shutter Styles

If you have a storefront, then you will like the shutters with an extruded design. These window and security products are ideal for use in securing sporting pavilions, shop fronts, schools, alcoves, entrances, kiosks, cigarette counters, and shelving and serveries. The bespoke product offers an unobtrusive and sleek look and a completely obstructed design. The shutter also rolls up easily into a compact pelmet box.

Extruded profiles in roller shutters can be operated by means of a pull-down key lock system or may be motorised. Motorised shutters operate with a flick switch, a remote control, or a key switch component. An assist torsion spring on the shutters is fitted to counterbalance the door’s weight.

In manual operations, a “D” handle can be included to assist in elevating or lowering the shutter-type covering. Larger shutters require direct drive tubular motorisation, which makes operating the shutter as easy as using a remote, turning a key, or flicking a switch.

Post Author: Cedric Walker