A Guide to Bespoke Staircase Services

Most people mistakenly think that the staircase of their home is something that cannot be replaced, indeed, with a skilled joiner, the existing staircase can be replaced with a custom-made design that looks like it belongs in the setting. Your choice of timber and finish, a qualified joiner can create a masterpiece, and when installed, will transform your interior.

The Timeless Look of Solid Timber

There’s nothing that can compare to an Oak staircase with intricate carvings on the balustrade, and the joiner would be happy to discuss the many timber species that can be used. If you search online for experienced joiners in Horsham, you will find a local joiner who relishes the challenge of designing a staircase from scratch.

Free Quotation

Once you’ve made contact with a local joiner, he would be happy to pay you a home visit, where you can both discuss the many design options, as well as the species of timber. Things to discuss would include:

  1. Species of wood
  2. Design
  3. Finish options

Once everything has been finalised and you are happy with the price, the joiner would give you an installation date, and it is likely that the staircase will be built off-site and assembled in a single session. A team would be able to remove the existing stair case and fit the new one in a single day, which keeps the inconvenience to a minimum.

If you would like to explore the potential of a custom-made staircase, talk to a local joiner, who can make a few design suggestions and quote for the project.

Post Author: Cedric Walker