Tips to Help Prevent the Summer Tick Scourge from Affecting You

“Lyme disease is preventable, but only if… [people] have the information they need to prevent it.” – Vanessa Farnsworth Summer is known, amongst other things, as the season of ticks and tick bites. And, while most tick bites result in nothing other than an itchy spot that you have to avoid scratching, there can be […]

Types of Finishes to Consider in Windows Replacement

Whether the existing windows leak or cause air drafts, there is just one solution- get them replaced as soon as possible. While there are temporary solutions as well, they might end up making the problems worse and more troublesome than before. So, the rule of thumb is to avoid spending money on short-term solutions and […]

How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

Currently, there are so many replacement windows available for homeowners to choose from. While this is a great thing, on the other hand, it has made a selection of the right windows like a full-time job. There is a myriad of window styles to choose from, but not every window style fits every house. Some […]

The Right House-Cleaning Company Can Be a True Miracle-Worker

Although many people think otherwise, finding a great cleaning company at an affordable price is a lot easier than you think. Let’s face it, today’s families are busier than ever, so who has the time to clean house? With a professional house-cleaning service, you get experts who use the most advanced equipment and materials so […]