Are eco-friendly garages the way forward?

With more and more people becoming increasingly aware about the effects their actions have on the environment, it is little surprise people are looking at every avenue to reduce their impacts. Whilst some individuals look at ways of cutting their electricity and fuel usage, large corporations consider altering their carbon footprint. Did you know however that making some changes to your garage, including making your new one out of concrete, could help to reduce your impact?

A large concrete garage provides all the security and space you will ever need, but also helps you become more eco-friendly. Concrete is a very cheap and sustainable material, and pervious concrete allows water which soaks into it, to drain to the ground after it rains. Green concrete can also be used for roofs because it water proof by a special scientific formula. Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking Ingredients are inside the concrete composite, which repels the water and prevents dampness, whilst also reducing any repair costs in the future.

It is not only the concrete which can help your garage become greener. The garage door itself can also be made from recycled material, with many different colours and styles available, meaning you do not have to compromises of appearance. The wide range of recycled garage doors on the market are also highly weather resistant and if designed properly, can be insulated to prevent further heat loss. This method is highly beneficial should your garage be connected to your home, preventing energy loss and unnecessary financial payments.

There are many other additional extras which can be added to your garage which can further enhance its eco-friendly nature. According to leading garage specialists you could also add solar panels to the roof, which could power any electrical components within the garage, as well as adding guttering to collect any rain water in water butts. This can then be used at a later date to water plants in the garden, reducing your water usage over the course of a year.

For some people, going eco takes on a new level and they have already made a decision to drive an eco car. With this in mind the ultimate eco-friendly garage would also have a Teslar charging point built in, running off the electric created by the solar panels. Because some governments are suggesting that by 2020, many local cities and areas will have public charging points, considering adding additional electrical points could also mean you gain additional income charging up your neighbour’s cars.

If you live in Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust are also offering grants to resident show install the free 32 amp domestic charging point, covering the installation costs. This makes sense as off-peak electric is also cheaper so charging your car over night could also save you money.

If however, you are more interested in the here and now, making small changes to your concrete garage can help to lower your personal or family’s impact on the environment. By considering the additional resources you can proactively seek to go green with your garage.

Post Author: Cedric Walker