Avoid Confusions Between Bay and Bow Windows Toronto

Windows have come a long way since their introduction. Apart from shedding natural light into the room and letting in fresh air, they are responsible to contribute in overall room’s appearance. Nowadays, changing theme and interior décor has become easier with a few selections. Homeowners do not necessarily have to break the bank to carry out big remodeling projects. They can simply decide between bay or bow windows to make a difference.

Bay Windows

With unique structure and design, bay windows have the ability to make the home appealing and comfortable for the inhabitants. They let outdoors to come inside in order to ensure coziness and freshness so that people can have a healthy environment to live in. Unlike bow windows Toronto, bay windows are provided with various differently-sized windows that are positioned at different angles to create a larger unit. It features a picture window in the center and a hung window on both sides. The best thing is that the unit can extend outwards beyond the wall that provides space for air circulation along with storage- credit goes to the shelves that are part of the structure. Homeowners can also enjoy extra space from a window seat i.e. whether they want to use it in the kitchen or dining room.

Bow Windows

Bow windows Toronto have curved structure that bulge outwards. Every unit is provided with maximum six panels that are usually smaller than bay window panels, having the same length. Their curved design have a smooth contour that give a unique look to the rooms. When it comes to space, they do not have much difference as the design is a bit similar.

Since both window types can create extra space, homeowners can use them in different ways for instance, make storage for books, place flower pots and picture frames or convert into a place to enjoy and relax after a hectic day. The windows do not only make the home more spacious and comfortable but, inhabitants can have a livelier and brighter place to spend quality time with their loved ones.

However, in order to ensure satisfactory results, selection of the right manufacturer/contractor would be a crucial stage as it determines how bay and bow windows Toronto are installed and what would be their expected benefits. Sometimes, they need to work on the thickness of panels to maximize brightness by letting more sunlight into the rooms.

Obviously, making a decision between the two types would be daunting. Homeowners just have to follow their instincts and personal preferences along with getting assistance from Direct Pro Windows and Doors. The conclusion of this approach would be beyond expectations as people can have opportunities to customize bay or bow windows Toronto as well.

Post Author: Cedric Walker