Benefits of Decking

Decking is a great way to add style and value to your home and garden.  It is versatile and can be added for dining areas, play areas or somewhere to relax in your garden.

When you are choosing your decking, there are many options to consider now, not just the traditional style wooden ones.  Wooden decking became popular in the early 1990’s.

Regular Decking Solutions

Regular wooden decking is easy to slip on which isn’t ideal in our weather here in the UK especially if you are elderly or have children too. Safety is a problem with this type of decking. The upkeep of wooden decking needs constant attention too, with staining it and repairing any sections that eventually will rot.  It is easily weathered and can fade or even warp over time.  Mould and mildew can attach itself onto these boards too which unless you maintain it will be a problem.  You can stain this decking though whatever colour you wish. Wooden decking lasts for around 15-20 years depending on how you maintain it.

Non-Slip Paint

You can buy non-slip paint for your decking boards.  Although this paint and varnish will eventually peel and flake off and will maintaining regularly.  According to Andrew from Rubadeck “Anti-slip decking oil doesn’t do this and is easy to repair and maintain. Both paint and oil are suitable for wooden boards that are ribbed, grooved versions or the smooth ones.”

Non-Slip Decking Boards

There are several different non-slip decking boards that you can purchase nowadays.  One of these are composite decking.  Composite decking is slip resistant and splinter free and quick and easy to clean.  Composite decking also needs little maintenance has high resistance to mould and wont splinter either or rot.  Therefore, it will last so much longer than traditional wooden decking.  It has UV stability so will not crack under the suns exposure.  Composite decking lasts for around 30 years again depending on how you maintain it.  So almost double the length of time compared to wooden decking.

Easy Installation

No screws or nails are needed with this type of decking, so it looks smooth and modern.  If you prefer the natural traditional look this decking can match that look too.  It will come in a range of colours and styles to match your garden space.    This is also made from eco-friendly recycled materials so if you are someone that cares about the planet this would be for you. The initial cost of this decking is more than traditional wooden decking but when you take into consideration all the maintenance and care and money you will need to spend on the wooden decking to keep it looking pristine then composite decking doesn’t cost much more.  It is a great investment for any home and garden.

Safety First

I think safety is at the fore front of everyone’s mind when they install decking.  Therefore, if you have small children that charge around the garden having a decking that once rained on or wet will be a lethal combination.  Non-slip decking is perfect to combat this problem.

Post Author: Cedric Walker