Factors to Consider When Buying Apple Trees

Are you planning to cultivate apple fruits for domestic or commercial purposes? Regardless apples are delicious and nutritious fruits in short supply in the current market due to the surge in demand. Apples, just like any other fruits, are not grown anyhow as there are guidelines that need to be followed in this exercise.

But before you proceed to buy apple trees to plant in your garden, there are several factors you need to take into account, namely size, type of fruit, state of the tree, planting area, mode of planting, watering, and so on. That said, let’s look at each of these factors in detail and what is expected of the cultivator.


Apple trees are available in a variety of sizes, namely standard, dwarf, and semi-dwarf. What size of area have you allocated for apple farming? The type of apple tree you pick will depend mainly on the size of your land. For instance, you buy dwarf trees because they are well-suited for small areas, while standard apple trees fit perfectly on sizeable areas. A significant percentage of apple trees sold today are semi-dwarf. This is because, in addition to producing lots of fruits, they are easily manageable when harvesting and pruning. It’s recommended to choose trees with varied harvest times to ensure you have healthy fruits throughout the year.


Before you settle on the type of apple tree you intend to grow, it’s necessary to have an insight into its growing conditions. The type of soil the tree is grown on plays a critical role in determining the quality of fruit produced. For instance, apple trees can thrive in waterly soils but with frequent drainage. Depending on the type of soil you have at your disposal, you can find the right type of apple trees that will flourish and produce more yields at CRJ Fruit Trees Nursery in the UK.

Study the Trees Features

Carefully consider all the aspects of the apple tree. An apple tree oughts to have a robust, straight trunk. Regardless of how minor a lean may seem, it can pose severe problems in the long run, especially when it is fully mature and heavy of fruits. Therefore, when buying an apple tree, ensure it has a noticeable central branch. This branch provides balance in a tree. Its absence will necessitate routine pruning. It’s also advisable to keep off apple trees with low branches as they are likely to lure ground pests and possibly become challenging to mow under. The tree roots should be numerous and devoid of damage.

Planting Area

Apple fruit trees require proper soil drainage. Perform this test. Dig an average-sized hole approximately 30 cm deep and add water to it until it’s full. The water should take 2-3 hours to drain. If this is not the case, then look for a different spot for your tree.

The above are some of the factors you need to consider before buying and planting apple trees from CRJ Fruit Trees Nursery based in the UK. With these guidelines, you can be sure of finding and growing the right type of apple trees in your garden.

Post Author: Cedric Walker