Glass Door Design For Your Bathroom

The bathroom glass door is not a trivial part of your bathroom. Just like the rest of the elements installed in your bathroom, it has a huge impact on the functionality and aesthetic beauty of the space. Hence, you must pay attention to the bathroom glass door design when choosing. There are many types of bathroom glass door designs available in the market. Before you can make a decision, there are various factors that have to be taken into consideration. Commonly chosen glass options for the bathroom design involve clear glass, framed glass, unframed glass, textured glass, and frosted glass. Besides the glass type, you will also have to consider the type of door you want. If you are not sure about the bathroom glass door design you should get, mentioned below are a few details about the various glass door design types to help you make a better decision:

01 of 05 Standard bathroom glass doors

If you want to create a partition in your bathroom to separate the shower and vanity, this is the best option available. Many people love this option because it has a very simple look and blends in perfectly with all types of bathroom designs. This type of glass door design is frameless and the only visible thing is the handle. Just like any regular door, it is installed to hinges and opens outward or inward. However, you can opt for other alternatives as well like a sliding door. In small bathroom designs, a sliding door proves to be more beneficial as it does not occupy any extra space while opening or closing.

Many people have started replacing their shower curtains with standard bathroom glass doors. This is because they prevent water from splattering outside the shower area and maintaining glass doors is easier than maintaining curtains.

02 of 05 Framed bathroom glass doors

If you want to create a separate space for your shower, using framed glass door designs is a great idea. These glass doors have space at the top so that steam can escape. According to experts, this type of door design is ideal for small bathroom designs. You can create separate spaces in the bathroom for different purposes using this door design without making the interiors appear crowded. Hence, it helps to make use of space very efficiently. Further, the framed glass door appears more elegant and sophisticated. It adds more character to your bathroom interiors.

03 of 05 Round glass door designs for your bathroom

Round glass door designs are extremely popular in small bathroom designs. By ensuring the maximum utilisation of space, this bathroom door design can make the bathroom interiors more spacious. Create an elevated platform at one corner of the bathroom and install a round glass door to create a small shower enclosure. Since the door will prevent water from getting splattered, your bathroom floor will remain dry. A sliding glass door design is perfect for creating a round shower enclosure at one corner of your bathroom.

04 of 05 Install a bathroom door with frosted glass

If your bathroom design is not very small, you can consider opting for frosted glass bathroom doors as well. This type of bathroom door is extremely popular in modern bathroom designs. Whether you want to create a separate space for your shower or your bathtub, the frosted glass door design is a perfect choice. It will help to ensure privacy as well. The etching design on the glass helps to add more visual interest to your bathroom design. Moreover, you can opt for customised etching designs for your frosted glass. This will allow you to give your bathroom design a more personalised look. Refrain from using this glass door type in small bathrooms as frosted glass restricts your view and makes the space appear even smaller.

05 of 05 Hexagonal glass door design for bathroom

If your bathroom interiors are not very small, you can opt for this glass door design. These glass door designs make use of space very efficiently as well and ensure that small spaces appear spacious. The hexagonal shape is a practical design because it will help to create a spacious enclosure without occupying too much floor space in your bathroom. If you use clear glass doors, the seamless view will further create the illusion of a larger space. Moreover, this door design gives you sufficient space and the opportunity to create a beautiful tile design inside the enclosure. Also, people love using this glass door design in modern bathrooms as it has a more conventional appeal.

Post Author: Cedric Walker