Once in a while we get some home repairs that we can actually do by ourselves. Some of the repairs we come across, we may need a benchtop drill press. Saying this does not actually mean that the benchtop drill press is only used for home repairs, it’s just that it comes in handy.

What is a benchtop drill press? A machine that enables you to easily drill trough different materials, be it wood, metal or even concrete. It can be used both at home and at your workshop.

Benchtop drill press come in a smaller size and the bigger size but the difference between the two is in the size of the motor and the distance between the chuck and the table base.

Using a benchtop drill press requires a lot of concentration and preciseness. You don’t want to harm yourself while on the job.

Your safety comes first. Before we start, using one I would recommend you put our safety first. Avoid baggy clothes or anything that can be entangled around the drill, long hair should be tucked in, protective glasses and maybe earing protection if you are drilling into something that produces a lot of noise.

Now we can use the drill.

First we have to set up the chuck. The chuck has a key to help tighten the drill bit into the chuck. I would prefer if you tighten the drill bitusing the key in more than one hole. What I actually mean is that you tighten with the key in one whole, move to the next and next till all wholes are done. This will help to make even tension around the drill bit.

You might want to adjust the belt to decrease or increase the RPM, this you do while putting into consideration the kind of materials that you are drilling, not forgettinghigher speed for metal, medium for wood and higher for polishing and for small bits.

Once you are set you can plug the benchtop drill press into the power supply.

Switch on the drill just to check if the drill bit is working properly. Position the table base at the right distance to make your work easy.

Now you can place the material you intend to use on the table base and clamp it so that it is tight. Switch on the drill press and push down the handle to drill into you desired style or shape. Take your time to get the best result. It’s that easy. If in the process the material you are drilling gets stuck and starts rotating with the drill bit. Switch of the drill press safely before trying to remove it,don’t forget as we said your safety comes first.

Why use a benchtop drill press?

The benchtop drill press gives you better control for angles and depth. They come with different accessories that enable you make you cutting and drilling work easy.

 A benchtop drill press is a very versatile instrument to use in you workshop or at home. Take time to look for on that will work well for you. Have fun using the drill press and your best home drill to use around the home and at work.

Post Author: Cedric Walker