Little Known Facts You Should Consider Before Buying Your Towels

Most of us spend hours and even months learning about our new smartphones before buying. We checkevery spec and scour the internet to find out what others are saying.

Turkish cotton bath towels are a great way to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized. They are also a great way to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh.

But what about bath towels? When was the last time you went online and spent an hour learning about something that is so essential to everyday life? Mostpeople decide which bath towel to go for when they reach the towel display at Walmart.

Bath towel sets are hugely underrated. We need them first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed and several times in between. Surely this daily staple needs more attention.

If you think towels are for dryingonly, you’re in for a shock

Bath towels are for drying, sure no doubt. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye here. Good towels bring with them a host of added benefits.

Relax more, wipe off stress.

Ever wondered why spas and hotels get the best quality towels? Here’s why.

Plush towels seduce and lull us into a sense of relaxation. Even the very sight of soft, luxury fabric makes us want to pick it up and hold it against ourface.

Our brain sends positive, happy and calm signals when we touch or wrap ourselves with soft, natural fabric.

You can enjoy the spa experience at home. Try this simple relaxation technique.

Set an intention to give yourself some ME time. Prepare a hot bubble bath. Pure long-stapled cotton towels take bubble bath to the next level. Roll up the soft towel to support your neck and use it as a pillow.

Next, take the face towel from your bath towel set, dip it in the bath and gently rub it on your neck, shoulders and face. The natural microfibers will remove all the toxins and stress and these areas where we hold stress the most will relax.

After the bath, drape yourself with a soft breathable towel. The gentle calming hug of natural cotton will calm the nerves and the soothing session will leave you feeling refreshed.

Housingmold and germs

Not all bath towels are born the same. Most ordinary towels remain damp for hours after use. Dead skin cells stay back on towels and with enough ‘damp time’ start to grow.

University of Arizona environmental health science professor Kelly A. Reynolds told BuzzFeed Life that“Bacteria and mold will begin to accumulate, but growth will be slowed as the towel dries,”

This means unless you’re using a fast-drying towel, the popular thick, heavy towels are nesting bacteria that’s harmful to your skin and general health.

Countries like Turkey, Egypt and India produce some of the finest cotton in the world. Here, people use quick-dry, 100% cotton towels that are light, breathable yet super absorbent. In recent years, these towels have become hugely popular in Western Europe and now in America.

Look younger, feel fresher

Following the latest diet trend and using the best cosmetics but skin still looking dull? Think what you’re putting on your skin when it’s soaked and most delicate.

Did you know that ordinary towels actually prevent you from having a naturally glowing skin?

The skin around your eyes and face are delicate and ordinary terry cotton towels can cause wear and tear by tugging the skin harshly. Bad skin doesn’t just look dull but it can severely deplete your mood.

Final take

Towels are essential for wellness and good living. For better health, skin and mood it’s time to switch to towels that dry quicker and are woven from soft natural fibers like cotton.

Treat your skin with the lush natural touch when it’s wet and most vulnerable. The more you pamper your skin, the more it shows.

Post Author: Cedric Walker