Moving House When it Rains: Take the Necessary Precautions

If you live in the UK, you know all about rainy or drizzly days. Unfortunately, you may find yourself moving house on one of these days. Therefore, you need to be prepared if you find yourself moving on a grey and damp day.

Check the Weather Forecast in Advance

Whilst it may seem obvious that you would check the weather forecast in advance, many removal companies and home movers overlook the activity. Therefore, it is good to have some idea of weather conditions before you move. That will give you the best chance of staying out of the rain.

Keep Dry and Stay Safe

Nevertheless, if you do move when it rains, it is still manageable. That means having waterproof clothing on hand to weather the storm. After all, soaking-wet clothes can weigh you down whilst trudging in and out of the house. When clothes are heavy and sagging, they also tend to snag on doorways or furnishings. Wearing waterproof apparel reduces the likelihood of a fall.

You need to wear the proper footwear too. Boots with a heavy tread make it easier to trek through the mud if rain is in your removal day forecast. Also, wear a thick pair of utility gloves. Plastic boxes can get slippery, causing you to lose your grip if you do not safeguard your hands.

Preparing Your New Home

When you prepare your new residence, line the floor with some old sheets. Do not use plastic sheeting, especially on a wet day, as it can cause you to lose your footing. Old sheets will provide better traction. Leave the removal to a professional removal company as it can facilitate a faster and more streamlined move. So, obtain a removals quote in Bury St. Edmunds and compare services. If it does happen to rain, you will be happy to have the professional removal assistance.

Protect Vulnerable Belongings or Furnishings

Naturally, protecting your belongings is a number-one priority. Whilst cardboard boxes are an affordable option, they do lose their form and strength when it is damp. The best option in this regard is to use plastic boxes. In addition, if you must move in the rain, you need to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable belongings or furnishings. Even the smallest amount of dampness can distort the mechanisms or appearance of electrical appliances or furniture.

Invest in Moving Blankets and Towels

Again, you need to have these items moved by professional removalists. If you do find that rain is in the removal day forecast, then invest in moving blankets and towels. Removalist companies provide shrink wrap to protect items from the wind and rain as well.

Moving house in the rain also necessitates your complete attention so you want to make sure that distractions are limited. For instance, if you have small toddlers, leave them with family or friends for several hours until your move is completed or if you have pets, keep them separated. One or several pets running around your feet when you are carrying a box can lead to an accident.

Post Author: Cedric Walker