One Stop for Bathroom Remodeling

Homeowners planning their first home improvement project often make more work for themselves than is necessary. They create a budget, search for a designer, and make an appointment. The designer draws up plans based on what they need and desire and presents them to the homeowners. Homeowners now take the plans and search for the products recommended. Once those are selected, they look for a contractor to do the work.

At this point, the bathroom remodeling project has cost them time, money, and hassle. Scheduling, getting an idea of what to expect, and coordinating the delivery of the materials and products with the start date provided by the contractor all have yet to be accomplished. The project has not even begun, and the bathroom remodeling cost is higher than anticipated.

A Better Way

Avoiding all that aggravation and extra cost is easy when homeowners seek out a company that provides one stop services for bathroom remodeling. Known as design build companies, these professionals take care of all bathroom renovation components for one price. The designer makes a free in-home visit to discuss needs, desires, and the budget. Measurements are taken and the designer presents drawings shortly after that initial consultation.

Once designs are approved by owners, they pick out products from the showroom and the designer schedules all the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and installation work. The crew arrives at the house, gets the work done, and guarantees satisfaction. Homeowners can ask questions, make changes, and find out about progress by communicating with the designer. There is one contract, one price, and one contact person. Money, time, and hassle are all saved, and the bathroom remodeling is stunning.


Packages are offered by design build companies to make bathroom remodeling even more affordable to fit any budget. Savings off already affordable pricing range from ten to twenty percent off the total cost of selecting products individually. High-quality products are offered in every package with options to suit any style or preference. Add-on services are available as well, such as painting the walls or texturing the glass shower doors. Those with more money to spend can get more bathroom redo for their money by selecting the middle or top tier for more features.

Other Assistance

Homeowners who wish to have the remodeling project completed in phases due to tight budgetary constraints can get assistance from designers and installers. Ask for advice when visiting the showroom and describe the current plan. If the flooring really needs to be replaced, recommendations can be made based on the available budget. Lighting options can be discussed to brighten a small bathroom, or alternatives to authentic granite counter tops for the vanity can be explored.

When time and money allow for another remodeling phase, go back to the showroom with pictures and measurements to get ideas of the next element to change. It is not always possible to get a renovation completed all at one time, but homeowners can still benefit from professionals in the industry as the project progresses. Getting to know designers and installers and having them get to know the project goals and phases may result in information about an upcoming promotion that will fit into the project. Find out more at Mimosa Kitchen and Bath.

Future Remodeling Projects

Whether the remodeling of the bathroom was done via a package or piece by piece, homeowners will want to keep in mind that most design build companies also offer packages, designs, and installation services for kitchen remodeling and basement renovations. When the time comes for a new renovation project to be planned, it makes sense to take advantage of all the available savings of time, money, and hassles experienced with the company.

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