Professional and High Quality Window and Door Repair Services

Properly working doors are a must to any structure. When it comes to your home, doors are important for keeping unwanted guests out, whether it be of the human variety or the animal variety. If you have small children, it’s important in order to enforce boundaries and ensure safety. For instance, a sliding glass door leading out to the pool that doesn’t shut or lock properly can pose a safety hazard to children and pets. In a commercial setting, broken doors can be considered a liability and security breach.

Window Repair Services

Exitoso & Co Sliding Window Repairs services offers many options for clients when it comes to repairing windows in both residential and commercial settings. The professionals offer services for schools, as well.

Window repair services are performed by trained tradesmen. Window issues left unrepaired can lead to substantial damage. Windows that are broken or not sealed properly can allow water and moisture to enter the home and compromise the structural integrity of the home. Damaged windows can also decrease energy efficiency, which translates into higher energy costs. The professionals can repair broken glass and locks, and they can properly seal any window, whether it be in a residential or commercial setting.

Common repair windows include sash cord repair, replacement, and re-weighting. Your spiral balance will age over time. If your sash is falling back down, you probably need a spiral balance replacement. They also offer spring system and foot replacement for all windows.

Common door repair issues include damage incurred from forced entry, broken hinges, or latches which aren’t aligned. Doors which do not open, close, latch, and lock properly are a huge annoyance. The professionals understand the importance of quality hardware and the use of proper weighted hardware when it comes to repairing your door. Nothing is more inconvenient than a sliding door with poor quality rollers that are difficult to open and close. The experts use the highest quality materials to ensure that your sliding glass door is at optimum performance.

Child safety is of the utmost important. Window safety devices are available for sliding, casement, and bi-fold windows. The purpose of window safety devices are to keep children, especially young children, from falling out of open windows. Children falling out of open windows can cause serious injury or even death.

The professionals offer a variety of specialty repairs, especially for commercial operations. This includes door closers and limiters. Shutter repair and servicing are also available. Shutters are exposed to all of the outside elements, including dirt, salt, wind, rain, and pollution. Having weather resistant hardware is essential to the longevity of your shutters.

Why Choose the Professionals?

Choosing the professionals ensures the highest quality service for all of your window and door needs. If you are unsure of exactly what you need and the cost. The professionals are happy to provide expert advice and an estimate over the phone. If necessary, a home or site visit can be made for more complicated jobs. Trust the professionals with your door and window repair needs.

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Post Author: Cedric Walker