Seven Tricks To Remove Stains On Wooden Furniture

The darkest marks leave the deepest stains! Don’t let your wooden furniture lose its luster. The moment you spot water stains on your sofa, chair or a dining table, take out all your weapons to get rid of the stubborn imprints.

The sweating beverages can be your real enemies. The steaming cup of coffee sloshed water or any other liquids can create a real mess with Sheesham wood furniture online. The oil polish may get blemished which can tarnish the grace of your home décor. Your kids might be too naughty to handle a cup of coffee or a tea. But, these water stains should be handled at the very first stage before it gets evident.

What could be more embarrassing than your guests witnessing such marks and giving not so good expressions? Before these water rings make you feel disgusted, try taking action immediately. The water stains are the result of wooden furniture coming in contact with moisture content. This post sums up few methods to deal with such stains.

Oily Furniture Polish

Before you look for anything else, pick up furniture polish placed in your home. The oil emulsion polish can quickly erase the water stains from Sheesham wood furniture and other surfaces as well such as glass and tiles. Moreover, the shine of polish will not go away.

Its excellent chemical properties make it a great cleaning agent. You must know that it prevents any probable damage to your furniture which may come from dirt and grime.

Petroleum Jelly

Are you in habit of applying petroleum jelly on skin during winters? Well, a dab of it is enough to bring the shine back to most of the things. It is possible that you might have never tried its extraordinary use. Folks, it is advisable to keep a jar of petroleum jelly in your room not to moisturize your skin but to remove water stains from the wooden furniture.

Apply it over the water rings. Move your fingers in circular option and let it sit overnight. Wipe the watermarks in morning with the help of jelly.


Do you relish the taste of Mayonnaise with fried snacks? Well, it is not just a sauce but much more than that. There are few unexpected non-food uses of mayonnaise. It is known for smoothening the surfaces of wooden furniture. Leave it for few days and it releases oils and proteins which will make the cracks almost invisible.

Apply a tiny bit of mayonnaise on a damp cloth. Rotate the cloth in a circular motion and let it soak for few days. Rub the water stains removing any residue. Instead of buying the expensive cleaning agents, hunt for mayonnaise.

Baking Soda

And the Science has taught us the properties of this salty white powder while we were in school. Usually, you add baking soda to washing machines to remove bad odor from clothes. Also called, sodium bicarbonate, it has acidic and abrasive properties which makes it a great cleaning agent for Sheesham wood furniture.

Take one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. Mix it and make its paste. Do not use too much water. Keep in mind the water to be used should be warm.


Toothpaste also contains sodium bicarbonate and is meant for whitening things and materials. This mechanical cleanser should be applied on water stains with the help of the soft cloth. Once it has dried up, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Once you are done with wiping it off, use a wood polish to make the surface shine. The toothpaste can be used in the combination of baking soda as well. If you think those telltale watermark rings are quite stubborn, mix equal parts of toothpaste and baking soda.

Rub the paste in circular motion parallel to the wood, wipe it off and polish with lemon oil.


Yes, your hair-dryer can also produce fruitful results. Put it on its lower temperature and direct it at the water ring. Keep moving it around so that the wood doesn’t get overheated.

Paint thinners

The odorless paint thinner and mineral spirits can be of great help. Dip a cotton cloth into it – could be an old T-shirt. Squeeze excess water out of it and rub it gently on wooden furniture until the water stain is gone. But there is a word of caution for you.

Do not forget to pretest the solvent on a finished underside of the furniture before it is applied to use. If the finish doesn’t dissolve, then it is safe to work on stains.

Once the watermark is gone, apply wax on the wooden furniture. Apply the thin layer of wax which gives a better finish than any other liquid. You will love the change. By trying these seven tricks, you can keep your furniture looking new. Furniture from made from solid sheesham wood, no rubber wood, plywood so furniture lasts for long time.

Post Author: Cedric Walker