These Invisible Upgrades Improve the Value of Your Home

If you are interested in selling your home and want to get the most value from it, or you are interested in simply increasing the value of your home, home upgrades are a wonderful way for you to do this. People spend lots of money on some of the most popular home upgrades with many thinking that the money is well spent because it will also translate to their home having a higher value.

Realistically, some of the most popular home upgrades do not add value to a home. In fact some actually do not create enough value to cover their cost. Although many homeowners think that the upgrade needs to be something that can be easily viewed in order for it to increase their home’s value, this is not the case. In fact some invisible home upgrades are actually best at increasing your home’s value. Here are a few examples.

Buying a new air conditioner

One of the smartest home upgrades that a homeowner can make is to purchase a new air conditioning unit. A new quality air conditioning unit is an added bonus for people looking to purchase a home, particularly if your home is in an area that gets very warm during the summer months and other times during the year. Today’s top of the line residential air conditioners deliver much better quality and efficiency then units manufactured 15 years ago. Weather it is a ductless or a ducted air conditioner, those who purchase new units can expect more than 20% improved efficiency by the unit.

This directly affects a home’s electric bills because the ac unit is the most expensive electrical appliance in a home. In addition, today’s units have lots of choices. You can choose a reverse cycle air conditioner or a multi-split system. And new features including remote activation and shut off via smartphone, and inability to put schedules in for cooling weeks or months in advance. These features and a new AC unit’s improved efficiency make a new air conditioning unit a great selling point if you are selling your home.

Adding better home insulation

The insulation in the walls of your home is there too keep a consistent temperature in every room of your house. This insulation was placed in the walls when the home was built, and depending upon the quality of your home, it may or may not have been top quality. Over the last 20 years, wall insulation has gotten much better at doing his job. In fact experts estimate that new installation does a 50% better job and maintaining room temperature.

This is primarily due to new materials used to make wall installation. Having well insulated walls means that less heating and cooling is needed throughout your home. This translates directly to your bottom line and your electric bills. If you are looking to add value in your home and perhaps want to sell your home, letting prospective home buyers know that you have installed the highest quality wall insulation tells them that you have a quality home that is worth a premium price.

Post Author: Cedric Walker