What are Bed Bugs and How Can You Control Them?

Bed bug infestation has become a serious issue. It has led to many people wanting to know how to identify the bugs and deal with them appropriately. Failure to act on the bugs may cause mayhem in residential areas. To prevent the situation from getting out of hand, it is necessary to know what they look like and be able to fight them so that these vexing insects do not infest your home.

How do Bed Bugs Look Like and why are They Harmful?

Bed bugs are insects that do not have the ability to fly. However, they can move at a very fast speed whether it is on the floor or the ceiling just like roaches. They are small and brown with a flat body. They feed on blood from humans and animals. Hence, if your home is infested by these bugs, they may be sucking blood from you and other members of the family. Your pets too may not be spared by the bugs because they too have blood.

How to Control the Infestation of the Bugs

Bed bug control is a lesson that you should learn even if they are not in your home. One day, you may use the knowledge to help yourself, a family member or a friend. There are many ways of dealing with these insects. The following are techniques of dealing with the insects by yourself.

Strip and Wash Beddings in Hot Water

This is the first thing that you should do when you notice or suspect that you may be having bed bugs in your home. Since they like living in dark areas such as under the mattress and between beddings, strip and put them in an airtight plastic bag. That is if you are not going to wash them right away.

If you decide to wash them immediately, soak the beddings in hot water for thirty minutes to one hour. Ensure that the water is very hot. It should be about one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius for it to work efficiently. At this temperature, the water will kill the bugs and their eggs to prevent them from hatching.

Spray the Bed Frames and Other Corners Where the Insects Hide

After cleaning all the clothes and beddings that have been infested, the next step is to spray an insecticide in the areas where the bugs hide. These mainly include the frames of your bed, chairs and other furniture in your home. Get an insecticide and spray it in these areas. Ensure that you turn the frames upside down and spray every section to ensure that you get rid of the insects completely. If you do not do this, you may leave the eggs that may hatch within a few weeks and then cause sleepless nights in your home.

In addition to dealing with bed bugs, you should try to prevent them from attacking you. Do this by washing your beddings, clothes, and house regularly. When you visit a place and you notice the bugs, take a shower and soak your clothes in hot water as soon as you arrive home. With efficient prevention and control, these insects will be an issue of the past in your residence

Post Author: Cedric Walker