What are ICF blocks?

Home is a place where we feel safe and calm. We usually spend most of our time on the internal interior of the house and forget about the fact that without the foundations of the house, there would be no interior. ICF block is one of the materials that help build a home.

About ICF blocks

ICF blocks are made of expanded polystyrene. They are used in the construction and insulation of multi-purpose buildings. Also, ICF blocks allow you to build a house not only quickly, but also with high quality. They are energy efficient and have excellent thermal insulation properties. The house will never be cold!

ICF blocks are resistant to temperature changes and harmful environmental effects.

ICF blocks are used:

  • installing the basement walls of the house
  • mounted on the high walls of the house and partition walls
  • for wall decoration

What are the properties of ICF blocks?

The advantage of ICF blocks is that they are easy to operate, fastened to each other and filled with concrete ( no additional material is required ). These blocks are not afraid of UV rays. ICF blocks also provide an opportunity to build a house easily and with high quality. If the height of the building does not exceed 25 meters, then ICF blocks can be used in the construction of multi-purpose buildings.

ICF blocks protect the house from mold because it does not absorb moisture at all. These blocks are also considered to be the strongest building material. No glue is used to glue these blocks, so it will not harm your health at all!

How are ICF blocks mounted?

If you have already decided to choose ICF blocks, then you should be curious how they are mounted:

  • First, an even foundation is prepared for the ICF blocks
  • In the foundation of the house, reinforcement to the grate must be prepared in advance
  • The wall lines are measured according to the corners of the house, so that ICF blocks can be installed according to them later
  • The first row of ICF blocks is mounted
  • The second (and more) parts of the ICF blocks are mounted
  • When the ICF blocks are installed all over the floor, then concrete is poured

Of course, if you decide to install ICF blocks, they will be done by specialists. It is not recommended to do such work yourself, as it can only damage the foundations of the house. You should not save money in this place, because we are building our dream home!

Post Author: Cedric Walker