What Makes a Rug Rustic?

If you have bought a cabin and want to decorate it in a rustic style, the rugs you choose will play a large part in how the decor comes together. Anyone can have wood furniture and comfy blankets, but the rugs form a literal base on which impressions are formed. Without rugs, cabin rooms would seem cold and rather unfinished; the floors tend to be wood or tile, which can make the room look barren or institutional if too much of the floor is visible. But add some rustic rugs, and you pull together an image that is cozy and serene. Look for these characteristics to find rustic rugs for your cabin.


Rustic decor doesn’t have to be dark, but it should be as natural as possible with few super-bright colors. For example, you could have a dark red rug, especially a classic Persian-style rug, in a rustic cabin. But you wouldn’t want a bright red/orange/purple pop-art pattern suddenly bursting into view when you enter the room. Try for muted tones, earthy colors, and wild/farm animal patterns like cowhide patterns and bearskin, although you don’t have to get real animal hides for the room. Save the really bright accent colors for flowers on the table, for example. Using light colors like white, beige, and light blue is perfectly acceptable.


Wood, metal, fur, and natural fabrics like wool and cotton are the mainstays of rustic decor. As mentioned, animal hides can play a role, too, though you can choose between real or really good-looking synthetic rugs. Kitchens benefit from having wood cabinetry; fabric furniture like sofas should have plenty of pillows and a couple of throw blankets. Rugs should be made from or look like they’re made from wool or cotton; however, there are some nice synthetic copies that look natural, too.


Rustic decor doesn’t necessarily have to be reminiscent of living on a ranch. However, it should give the impression that some part of it was handmade or created by small, local craftspeople. Rugs should be fairly wide and flat; you may want to look for patterns that reflect where your cabin is. For example, in Texas or New Mexico, having patterns that mimic the southwestern geometrical patterns that are so common on fabrics in the region is good. If the rugs look a little distressed, as if they have been used a lot and are favorite items that you’ll never get rid of, that helps increase the rustic look of the room. There’s an element of frugality in rustic decor, so something that looks well-worn and loved is a good addition.

Rustic rugs are available in several different shapes, shades, and patterns. You’re sure to find a few that nicely complement the rest of the decor in your cabin.

Post Author: Cedric Walker